What We Do

deJong Studio | Architecture is an award winning Falls Church, Virginia architect producing fresh, modern and sustainable living spaces. Located in the mid-century modern community of Holmes Run Acres we serve clients throughout the Virginia, DC, and Maryland DMV area. We specialize in modern residential design, and excel in creating stunning homes that seamlessly blend sophistication with eco-consciousness. In the past 10 years we have been fortunate to apply our area expertise in mid-century modern alterations and additions to more than 20 mid-century modern homes in Holmes Run Acres alone. Additional MCM projects can be seen in Lake Barcroft, Pine Springs, Mantua, Silver Spring, Reston and beyond. At deJong Studio Architecture, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional design. We deliver functional, yet elegant, living environments that reflect your unique style and values.

From sketches to construction drawings, each iteration gets you closer to building

Established in 2014 as a woman-owned business and led by architect Christiane deJong, AIA, deJong Studio represents a small handful of collaborating architects, engineers, cost estimators and builders in Falls Church, Virginia that work closely together on an as needed basis to bring your project vision to life. By leveraging our expertise in this way, we guarantee the tailor-made solutions you deserve. 

By the time most homeowners engage an architect’s services they have spent untold hours contemplating the living environment they hope to create. At deJong Studio our skills lies in listening, extracting, distilling and shaping. We are expert translators who have helped hundreds of clients lend form to their dreams. Architectural design is a journey of thoughtful discovery we take together. In it we discover your goals, distinguish between your wants and needs and uncover your aesthetic leanings. Charting a path forward we will steer what you had only imagined into something that is. Our partnership results in a one of a kind architectural solution that embodies the unique story of how you live – a story that is our absolute privilege to tell.

Everything we do is geared toward seeing your home brought to fruition

As a follow on to our design services, we offer comprehensive support from beginning to end of construction. We understand that building or renovating a home can be a significant undertaking and we are here to guide you every step of the way. We have had the privilege of designing homes and guiding clients through a stress-free construction process in neighborhoods throughout the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.

Who We Are

At the heart of deJong Studio | Architecture is Christiane deJong AIA, a seasoned “green” architect with a background in fine art and extensive experience in the US and abroad. As a third-generation member of a Belgian/Dutch family of artists, builders and architects, Christiane brings a unique European perspective to contemporary design, blending tradition with innovation. She possesses a passion for mid-century modern design and is deeply committed to the core principles embodied within it. Clean lines and natural materials permeate her design work resulting in “healthy” homes that harmonize with their surroundings while embodying luxurious comfort. With meticulous attention to detail under Christiane’s direction, deJong Studio creates residences that balance visual appeal with practicality and eco-consciousness. Solving living needs for today with an eye on tomorrow sets us apart as a Falls Church, Virginia architect. It elevates design to a new critical standard for a sustainable life in the future.

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3327 Hemlock Drive
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Office: (571) 450-0500