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We invite you to contact deJong Studio Architecture at any stage of planning. We’d love to hear your goals for your project and discuss how we might help you achieve them.

Our architectural studio is a full-service, Falls Church residential architectural firm that specializes in producing crisp, custom residential design for our clients. Each client, each property, and each house represent a unique architectural challenge requiring a unique solution. In the studio we develop a one-off design, specific to the way you live, that is the direct result of the architect-client collaboration. For us, the satisfaction of creating an environment that will nurture and support your family for decades to come drives everything we do.

You can learn more about our architectural process here. If you would like to know what our experienced clients say about deJong Studio you can read the reviews here. We kindly invite you, when you are ready to begin a conversation about your goals and how to meet them, to contact deJong Studio Architecture at any time.

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