Our Process

Architectural Services
Ideas take on life and continue to evolve throughout design in sketched form

Each client, each property, and each house represents a unique architectural design challenge requiring a unique solution. Christiane founded deJong Studio located in Falls Church, Virginia to provide personalized architectural services, working directly with clients at their desired pace. The studio allows Christiane to develop one-of-a-kind solutions without the added burden of a large overhead. There is no deJong Studio “look” imposed on your home because the solution will be the direct result of the architect-client collaboration. For us, the process of creating an architectural design that will nurture and support your family for decades to come is every bit as satisfying as seeing the built results.

Master Planning Services

Exceptional architectural design is the product of discovery, of interrogating assets and deficiencies, and of identifying opportunities. A wholistic view helps us to define and weigh your goals—the intent, character, size, features and sustainable design choices—against any restrictions of zoning laws or budget. Using this information, we will identify the available options that meet your parameters. Together, we will devise a singular master plan for moving forward, one that satisfies both the present and future needs of your home.

Architectural Design Services

As an outgrowth of the Master Planning phase, Christiane and her team move into in-depth conceptual work that culminates in the drawings and schematic design needed to commence the renovation or build. deJong Studio works with you to finalize the design, confirm costs, and craft the details that will get your project fully underway. When construction documents are complete, deJong Studio will assist you in soliciting contractor bids and making the selection that delivers the timely, high-quality results you desire.

3D modeling is a critical part of design development and provides a valuable visualization tool for clients

Construction Phase Services

After making an investment in your home design, you will want to protect that vision all the way through construction. To assist with this, deJong Studio will guide your project through the bidding and building process with our comprehensive construction administration services. With years of construction expertise under our belt, we are able to advise you and the contractor as needed to skillfully see the project to completion. These services ensure your ongoing peace of mind. You’ll know that the built project will both move forward as planned and yield the results that align with the architectural design we’ve envisioned together.

Planning + Schematic Design

Getting to know you/your goals, identifying opportunities + charting a path forward

Architectural Design

Conceptualizing + materializing a vision then creating the drawings to build

Bidding + Construction

Selecting builder, contracting + coordinating with a contractor to realize the vision

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