Planning + Schematic Design

The planning schematic design effort begins with big picture thinking.

Master planning and schematic design provide homeowners a critically valuable tool for implementing changes to their existing home. Before schematic architectural design can begin we must, first, define your project goals. To do this we will take a wholistic look at your project criteria. Your scope, character, features, zoning and budget are critical factors in defining your architectural opportunities.

Using the results of this planning effort deJong Studio will study the schematic design layout options available to you to meet those parameters. We will introduce ideas you may not have considered such as functional efficiencies and sustainable opportunities. Next we will share insights on how your home will compare with the real estate market and expected ROI. Then comparing intent with budget, we may suggest right sizing or phased build options. A phased planning – schematic design effort implemented over time becomes a valuable master plan. An example of a master plan project is Lofty Modern, a project built in three phases over several years. Phased projects allow you to build your dream design in a manner that suits your need for expansion and your budget at the same time.

After reviewing the options together, deJong Studio will help you to select the schematic floor plan that best accomplishes your goals. We will show you a simple 3D massing model and share preliminary exterior elevations that suggest an early architectural style. The results are a budget aligned, schematic design that you can be used as the basis for your project’s architectural design. If you choose to phase portions of the schematic design you simply move forward to into architectural design development with the portion you are ready to build now. The schematic design drawings then become the master plan that guides you through your future build projects.

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