Concise Modern

Interior Alterations in Falls Church, VA

Concise Modern: Reconciling mcm with today’s living

Architects: Christiane deJong AIA, Builder: T.W. Herren

Getting Acquainted

One of the best kept secret of Holmes Run Acres is a small outcrop of homes that lies just outside the proper boundary of the neighborhood. Kristie and Doug* discovered a hidden gem here—a modified “Bodor” model also designed by architects Satterlee and Lethbridge. Nestled on a hillside, their home offered elegant mid-century modern style and unobstructed views of the woods and Holmes Run stream. While they were thrilled with their tranquil retreat, the house had its share of restrictions and they knew they would need address them down the line.

A view toward the newly opened up kitchen showing fluid connection to dining room for this mid-century modern home

Renovations almost always affect adjacent areas for the better. This kitchen renovation presented an opportunity to improve the foyer with front door replacement

Defining Opportunities

Kristie, being the daughter of an architect, understood the importance of maintaining the historic value of their home. Ready to make thoughtful upgrades, they turned to deJong Studio, confident in our ability to extend the home’s original charm into the new work. Their immediate focus was on the shared hall/master bath, which, due to a common shower, compromised privacy. They envisioned two entirely separate baths but were unsure how to achieve this within the limited space. This would be the first of two projects they undertook with deJong Studio. A few years later, they would turn their attention to the small, isolated kitchen that made cooking a cramped, solitary task.

Adding a new and fluid connection between kitchen and dining has aligned this mid-century modern home with the lifestyles young families enjoy today

Developing the Design

To achieve their vision, we approached the project with a focus on enhancing functionality while preserving the home’s mid-century modern appeal.

For the bathrooms, Christiane used rich natural materials such as slate and custom-built millwork, Duravit plumbing fixtures, and bespoke lighting. These choices not only provided the needed privacy but also elevated the space to a new level of elegance.

The kitchen itself posed a different challenge. The existing layout isolated the cook from the rest of the house. To transform this space, Christiane significantly enlarged the exterior windows, allowing natural light to flood in. She then rounded out the design with GE Cafe Series appliances, a quiet but elegant palette of midnight blue cabinets, “mid-century white” Heath tile backsplash, and Corian fresh concrete solid surface countertops in a honed finish. In opening up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and closing the doorway that sat just inside the front door, she created a more open, inviting and functional space no longer so narrowly confined.

Harmonizing Old and New

Preserving the home’s mid-century modern essence was a critical part of our challenge for Kristie and Doug. In carefully removing and reinstalled existing mahogany panels we ensured a seamless integration of old and new. The result of which is an alteration that looks as though it were always a part of the original design. The new kitchen space now allows for joint cooking and easy entertaining, and has become the hub of family activity it was always meant to be.

Enlarging exterior windows in a compact kitchen adds light and a connection to the outdoors that increases a perception of spaciousness

The Finishing Touches

Attention to detail brought this project to life. Custom millwork, elegant fixtures, and thoughtful lighting choices made each space both functional and beautiful. The combination of natural materials and modern elements reflected Kristie and Doug’s appreciation for design and the history it comes with.


Kristie and Doug are delighted with their transformed home. The renovations by deJong Studio not only addressed their functional needs but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal, making their home a perfect blend of mid-century modern charm and contemporary comfort. This project illustrates how thoughtful design can honor a home’s history while adapting it to modern life.

Opening a wall in a compact kitchen creates a broader sense of space even if the kitchen proper footprint remains the same

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