The design and construction process occurs in a series of manageable phases that progress at a speed that is most comfortable for you.

Beginning with Schematic Design together we define the intent, features, character and budget of your project. With this information deJong Studio will develop a preliminary vision for the project and guide you through early conversations with a recommended builder to confirm rough costs and establish a realistic time frame for completion of your project.

Following this, in the Design Development phase, using sketches, drawings and three dimensional models we will provide you with the tools you need not only to make decisions about details and materials but also to visualize the overall design.

Once the design is established we must then describe it in a manner that allows a contractor to permit and build the design as envisioned. Work done during this phase is referred to as Construction Documentation. This phase leads us to the contractor who will provide you with a hard proposal to build your project.

Last, but not least, is construction. During this phase deJong Studio provides Construction Administration services allowing us to serve as your eyes and ears, verifying that the built results match those described in the construction documents and that which you came to anticipate during the design process.