The process of altering or building anew should occur at a pace that is precisely right for you. Often clients begin with a sense that change is needed but not exactly that change is, what it might cost or how long it might take to build. Luckily the design process allows you to explore these questions in a thoughtful environment with the architect as your guide.

Our design process begins with schematic design. Together we define your project goals: intent, character, features and budget. Using this information deJong Studio will study the options available to you to meet those parameters and assist you in selecting the solution that best fits your needs. Once the schematic approach has been identified we confirm rough costs, set a time frame for your project and take a more detailed look at design development. Here deJong Studio produces the sketches and models you need to make the design decisions that we will describe and document in the working drawings needed to build your project.

At the completion of the design process comes construction where deJong Studio protects your investment in design with our comprehensive construction administration services and guidance.