The design and construction process occurs in a series of phases: Schematic design, Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration. Schematic Design is the phase in which, together, we define the design challenge – scope, features, purpose, physical constraints and functionality. With this information we will develop a preliminary vision for the project that makes sense in terms of size and budget. Services for this portion of the work are based on an hourly fee.

In the next phase, known as Design Development, the vision for the project is advanced. Sketches, drawings and three dimensional models provide the Owner with the tools needed to visualize the built design. The phase ends with approval of the design that will be described in the construction documents. Starting with this phase work is billed on a lump sum fee per phase.

The Construction Document phase is the time during which we assemble the working drawings that will guide the contractor. Final building systems and materials are selected and coordinated, details are developed and project costs are reviewed. This phase is followed by bidding, selection of a contractor and procurement of the Building Permit. Following this is the Construction Administration phase when the Architect acts as the Owner’s Agent, verifying that the built results are as described in the construction documents. The Architect’s involvement here is critical to the success of a project for the review of Contractor proposed substitutions and changes to the contract.