Lower Surrey House Addition/Exterior Upgrade

Falls Church, Virginia

This exterior upgrade and alteration consisted of encapsulating space that had previously been used as Florida Room to capture addition usable space for the homeowners while also providing a proper front entrance to the home. The home is a Mid-Century Modern “Gaddy” model located in Holmes Run Acres in Falls Church, Virginia and the black and white image shows the former condition – a dark and foreboding street front without inviting entrance. The new design, incorporating proportions and elements found in the existing facade, raises the elevation of the Florida Room to the same as that of the rest of the first floor. It also adds a full-height double window to the front elevation and relocates the dining room to this area. In doing so an opportunity to use the former dining room as front entrance presented itself. The result is a front entrance that is much closer to the center of the street facade that also connects through a view from the front to the back of the house and straight into the woods beyond.